Who Am I?

I’m a financial advisor and wealth manager. I built a financial firm helping business owners and professionals grow their wealth and retire successfully.

But years ago things changed. I was invited to meet with some very successful dentists and practice owners, and it changed my life. I learned that as a dentist your 1st and most important financial engine is your dental practice and integrating its growth into a wealth plan was critical.

So, in the middle of a successful financial planning career I paused and became COO of a practice we grew to 4 locations and $1,000,000/month in total production before exiting.

Since then I’ve coached dentists in practice growth and wealth strategies all across the U.S., written several books including  Untapped Wealth, Designing Dental Wealth and Dental Practice Built Right…and helped dentists grow their practice, turn it into wealth and retire successfully.

– Matt Kennedy