Get Out Of The Chair And Into Your Life
Designing Dental Wealth
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Invest In Your Practice And Turn It Into Wealth

Grow your Production Exponentially

Our proven process will take you from practitioner to CEO of your practice while creating enormous growth by uncovering the untapped potential.

Reduce or Eliminate your time in the Chair

When you are not working in the dental chair, you aren't making any money. We help you create a practice that is no longer dependent on you and multiplies your income without being there.

Increase Sellable Value of your practice by 7-10x

As you transform your practice, understanding what makes it valuable to an acquirer and using these principle to design your growth.

Retire Successfully

Our goal is to help you retire either in the practice by enjoying the profits from the practice without you having to be there or by selling for a large multiple.

Get Started.

Your Practice Is Your Best Investment.
Is It’s Growth Plan Included In Your Financial Plan?​

Typical financial advisors are not equipped to help you grow your practice. But it’s your largest
assets. Dental Impact is unique. We are both wealth coaches and practice growth coaches. We
help you maximize the growth of your practice and harness its wealth building power.

Every financial story is unique.

Through coordinated strategies and coaching, we’ll help you find confidence in where you’re headed so you can reduce your stress and begin savoring life right now.