The ADA Reports That Over 90% Of Dentists Will
Retire With Significantly Less Income Than While Working.

Single Doctor/Owner practices are only selling for a fraction of last year’s collections.

It’s almost impossible to save enough to replace your income.

Our Solution

A 2 Step Methodology

Grow your practice’s sellable value by up to 10x its current value.

Save and invest more money…not by cutting your lifestyle but by finding money you are losing, or leaking unknowingly and unnecessarily.

Our Proven Process

The Efficiency Accelerator

We use our Profit Scorecard to analyze your P&L along with your personal balance sheet to find money you may be losing. We typically are able to recover millions over the course of most dentist’s lifetime.

The Capacity

Using our 8 Drivers of Practice Value as our guide and our 10 Phases and Benchmarks to measure our progress, we help you see and capture the untapped potential of your practice and get you out of the chair in the process.

The Option

Instead of a Practice Exit Strategy, you’ll have a Practice Options Strategy. If you choose to sell, you can at up to 10x the current value. You could also keep the practice and enjoy the profits without the work. Or you could pass it down as your legacy.

Our Tools

Here are a few proven tools  we have created and will use to transform your practice and future.

The Practice Potential Scorecard ™

Uncovers and illuminates the untapped potential of a practice.

The Practice Growth Model ™

Growth is expensive... in the early months. This tool models how much growing the practice will cost and when it can be expected to be profitable.

The Profit Scorecard ™

It's not what you produce, it's what you keep! This tool uncovers areas of the practice where costs and spending are outside the ideal percentage of revenue.

The 8 Drivers Of Practice Value ™

A process created to transform your practice into an enjoyable business to own and a valuable one should you choose to sell.

The Phases and Benchmarks ™

Being free of the owner's trap is achievable but it happens in phases.This tools explains what to expect as the process unfolds, what the phases of the process are, the benchmarks to look for to know which phase you are in and what to do to both prepare far and propel the practice into the next phase.

The Integrated Wealth Cycle ™

There are millions of dollars potentially being lost by making uncoordinated financial decisions. To put it another way, when the oars are rowing in different directions, the boat goes nowhere. This tool puts it all together to coordinate and test your financial decisions and put those lost millions back in your pocket.